Blow Potential Customers away and Grow Your Business Faster using our State-of-the-Art Smart Business Cards

How our Smart Business Cards Work for your Business.*cardtap2_1080*gif?alt=media&token=306a3412-9966-45e5-9fc1-a23e39e74768
  • Step 1:
    Hold your Smart Business Card close to any Smartphone. 
  •  Step 2:
    Your contact info instantly pops up on a potential customer's phone. 
  •  Step 3:
    They can type in their info to instantly share it back with you. 
  •  Step 4:
    An automated follow up nurtures that prospect into a sale.

What's Included with each Smart Business Card*nfc_chip*webp?alt=media&token=678a72ef-c162-42eb-b360-c867c3810ac8
An Embedded Smart NFC Chip

No more handing out business cards that ultimately get thrown away. You simply hold on to one card inside of your wallet and, when you're ready to share your info with a prospect, you hold it next to their phone to connect.

One card is all you'll ever need from now on.*qr_scan*webp?alt=media&token=ccf9c41a-c08a-42ef-bc9e-add4f61a38ef
An Elegant Smart QR Code

Each card also comes with a special QR code that can be scanned with any phone's camera. This code then leads your potential customer to your digital business card so that they can save your contact info.

This is perfect when you run into the occasional older phone that doesn't have native NFC Scanning built into it.*card_hand*webp?alt=media&token=e2788390-286f-495c-8fc8-f2bd9f2d8193
The Digital Business Card Profile

You're also getting a custom built digital business card with all of your contact info and important links.

This is the special webpage that your card leads to when someone scans the card. No App Required and it works on all Iphone or Android phones natively.

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The Smart Business Card
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